Do You Have a Blog or Website? You Should Read This

Have you heard of GDPR? If you have a blog or website you need to know about it.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation created by the European Union that strengthens the rights of EU residents regarding the collection and use of their personal online data.  It harmonises data protection law across all member states, making it easier for consumers and internet users to understand what’s being done with the data collected on them as well as who is collecting it.

One goal of GDPR is to make it easier and less expensive for companies to follow the data protection rules. It also makes the fines for misuse of personal data more punitive and it aims to improve transparency regarding the data collected on people.

GDPR is an EU regulation and not a directive, therefore it doesn’t need to be drafted into law in each member state, which could open it up to differences in interpretation. As a regulation, GDPR just gets directly applied to all residents of the EU. If you have a company that emails newsletters, if you use Google Analytics, if you collect any data on your site visitors, then you’ll need to take action to be in compliance.

Here are a few sources of helpful information about GDPR and what steps you need to take:

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